Bloomberg on Portland and Maine

Bloomberg has published a pair of articles on where to eat and stay in Maine and Portland.

Over these delicacies we talk about how, as native Mainers, it’s taken us years to appreciate just how special our state is. Its plain style and aversion to pretension, the traditional small scale of its towns—these things are blended with an urban creativity and world-class food and drinks. The humor is as dry as a pine needle that’s spent years on the forest floor. (Tourist to Mainer: “Lived here your whole life?” Mainer: “Not yet.”) It’s also refreshing for a state to ban highway billboards, as ours has done for 40 years.

The articles mention: The Danforth, Luke’s, Twelve, Evo, Bar Futo, Terlingua, Leeward, Eventide, Aragosta, Dennet’s Wharf, Harbor Cafe, Pentagoet Inn, Wolfpeach, Oxbow, Duckfat, Luna, Minato, Chaval, PAlace Diner, Sweetcream Dairy.