Black-Owned Restaurants and Bars

I’ve been getting a number of requests the last couple of days for a list of black-owned restaurants and bars. Here are the ones I know of in the Portland area—please let me know if you know of any that are missing and I’ll add them to the list.

For a list of black-owned businesses in a range of industries across the state of Maine see

11 comments on “Black-Owned Restaurants and Bars

  1. This is wonderful. Makes me proud to be a resident of the beautiful state of Maine where people, passion, and compassion converge to do good works!

  2. Knitting Nook, an amazingly wonderful and welcoming cafe with beer, wine, and a yarn shop in Ferry Village, SoPo; Please add to your list!

  3. Would love to see 207 post a menu online! Been curious about their offerings since they opened but no luck so far. It may be out there and I just can’t find it.

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