Bird & Co. is Open

Bird & Co. (instagram), the new bar and Mexican restaurant at 539 Deering Ave in Woodfords Corner is now open. Here’s a look at their menu:

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  1. Are those menu items/prices for a single taco, no sides? So your pic of 2 tacos and a beer is like a $20 lunch? Not a judgment one way or the other, just trying to gauge what type of joint this is.

  2. Just what we need, another taco house. Some sophisticated Mexican food would be so much better

  3. The tacos only come in single servings and they aren’t especially large. They’re good, but they’re not “$7 each” good. And $6 for a small serving of chips and guacamole is too steep, especially since the chips didn’t appear to have been made in-house (although I may be mistaken about that detail).

  4. John, How about in addition to rather than instead of. Interest in Bird & Co. has been rather high so there’s clearly a market for more of this kind of restaurant.

  5. The food is great, but I totally agree…$6 is too much for a single taco. Not sure I will return until prices are adjusted. I can see $3-$4.50 as a bit more feasible.

  6. Agreed. And just because it’s a new restaurant doesn’t mean they have to have high prices. They probably raised the price because of where they are located. But dude, come on. Us REAL Portlander’s are broke. Good food to me, should also have good prices. Clearly not the case here…

  7. I’ve visited Bird & Co. twice since they’ve opened and I will surely be back! Yes the tacos are a la carte and a little pricey but absolutely worth it for the quality of ingredients. Combined with the deliciously creative cocktails, vibrant atmosphere and glowing service, I’d say the food is worth every penny! This is a fantastic new neighborhood spot. Well done!

  8. We visited Bird & Co tonight. Wonderful food and happy hour drinks. The staff is young and very friendly and the patrons love the place. Pleasant and good vibes. Visit this place, enjoy the food, enjoy the drinks, enjoy yourself!

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