Bird & Co. is Open

Bird & Co. (instagram), the new bar and Mexican restaurant at 539 Deering Ave in Woodfords Corner is now open. Here’s a look at their menu:

6 comments on “Bird & Co. is Open

  1. Are those menu items/prices for a single taco, no sides? So your pic of 2 tacos and a beer is like a $20 lunch? Not a judgment one way or the other, just trying to gauge what type of joint this is.

    1. John, How about in addition to rather than instead of. Interest in Bird & Co. has been rather high so there’s clearly a market for more of this kind of restaurant.

  2. The tacos only come in single servings and they aren’t especially large. They’re good, but they’re not “$7 each” good. And $6 for a small serving of chips and guacamole is too steep, especially since the chips didn’t appear to have been made in-house (although I may be mistaken about that detail).

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