Beyond Portland: The Ramp, Long Grain, The Lost Kitchen, Conway & Burlington

As wonderful as the Portland food scene it’s not the only place in Maine to get a great meal. With heretical thought in mind, the goal for this month’s for the collaborative food blogging project was to leave our little food heaven and try out some restaurants elsewhere in Maine.

Edible Obsessions – Conway & Burlington

Apparently 3 1/2 hours of eating nothing but cheese just wasn’t enough for me because I felt compelled to order a ham and cheese crepe from The Skinny Pancake, a hip little creperie near the water. It was named ‘The Lumberjack’ and really should have tipped me off to how massive this was going to be. It was good, but it was so heavy that I got physically tired just trying to mow through it. read the full article

From Away – Long Grain

The conclusion? This is eight tables (plus bar stools) of communal space, a place I want to go every chance I can, to eat everything I can and try to plan what is essentially the unknown path of my destiny. And you should, too. read the full article

The Blueberry Files – The Ramp

Barring the miss on the fish and chips, we loved The Ramp for it’s funky atmosphere, lively bar, and creative but familiar menu. This place is worth seeking out – while you won’t necessarily avoid the crowds of Kennebunkport, the cluster of Adirondack chairs outside the busy restaurant encourage you to take a moment to have a drink and admire the harbor. read the full article

Vin et Grub – The Lost Kitchen

There been a slight delay but we’ll add Vin et Grub’s review of The Lost Kitchen as soon as it’s published

While I do spend the vast majority of my Maine eating budget here in Portland I do get of town from time to time. My favorite spot so far is Francine Bistro in Camden. Chef/owner Brian Hill plates up some excellent creative dishes in a lively atmosphere. Also I had the chance earlier this Summer to sample the menu at Chase’s Daily in Belfast and am definitely looking forward to returning for a second act.

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