Betsy Nelson, Vegan Cheesemaker

The Press Herald has published an article about Portland-based vegan cheese maker, Betsy Nelson.

“A lot of people say to me, ‘I would go vegan, but I can’t give up cheese,’” said Nelson, 31, who lives on Munjoy Hill in Portland. “That was the thing I missed, too.”

To satisfy her taste for cheese, Nelson began making small-batch, artisanal cheeses from fermented nut milks. Her soft cheeses can be served on bread or crackers and pair well with fruit and wine. They are totally dairy free.

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  1. Hi Lisa and Hmm,

    Thanks for your enthusiasm, I can’t actually sell the product until packaging, state testing is completed, which will be a while. I *will* be doing a sampling at the Farmer’s Market in Portland coming up – I will post that on Facebook. I’m also going to attend the Gentle Thanksgiving at the Cancer Community Center in South Portland on November 9th and will be bringing plenty to share. It is a Portland Vegan Meet-up event – you can find the details on I hope to see you there and please be sure to introduce yourself so we can stay connected.


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