Belleville Plans for the Future

Belleville has announced that they are in the process of signing a lease for a production bakery space. The new space will enable them to expand their production capacity and “efficiently operate a sustainable business”. They will also be making some renovations to their Munjoy Hill storefront which will remain the primary retail space for the business.

We’ve severely missed baking for you all but are forever grateful for the time and space we’ve found to reimagine this bakery. Thanks in part to so many of you, we’ve rediscovered our joy and passion and are incredibly inspired to continue living out this dream.

Belleville plans to be closed for the remainder of August but will resume holding periodic pop-ups in September. When they reopen on North Street Belleville will be open 4-5 days a week for breakfast and lunch.

At some point in the future a second retail shop for Belleville may open at their new bakery.