Belleville Bakery Opens Today

Belleville (instagram, website, facebook), the new bakery at the intersection of Congress and North Streets on Munjoy Hill, is slated to open today. Chris Deutsch and Amy Fuller are serving croissants (be sure to try-out the chocolate almond) and other traditional French baked goods along with Tandem Coffee in the mornings. The lunch menu includes options like a prosciutto, sharp provolone and giardiniera sandwich and roman pizza.

The couple learned to bake in Paris. Prior to moving to Portland they operated a French bakery food cart in Washington DC called Hot Hot Bakery.

Belleville will be open 7-3 Tuesday through Friday, and 8-3 on the weekend.

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  1. Saw sign up at Portland harbor hotel for Blue Fin restaurant.
    Guess it replaced eve’s if you scroll down

    Any idea who leased zapoteca? I thought rivalries should have expanded
    Into there with games and stuff like that.

    I know mark’s was trying to open a new place on exchange but didn’t
    Know they were leave wharf street location. Sign up there for relocating
    Tenant. That’ll be a tough spot to fill . Need to break it up.

  2. Croissants a little charred on the bottom. At $3 each, a little surprised they would sell them in this condition. If they can’t get croissants right………….

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