Bar Review of Casa Fiesta

casafiestaThe Press Herald has reviewed Casa Fiesta.

Casa Fiesta in Portland is a kitschy, corporate Mexican restaurant on Forest Avenue that has surprisingly good margaritas, free house-made chips and salsa and excellent service. Don’t knock it until you try it. This might be your next go-to Mexican restaurant.

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  1. It’s a great room, and Dana Street made it gorgeous when he put his American Pie in there. So, I’m continually amazed that nothing (save the Thai place in the front of the building) has lasted in that spot since Raoul’s shut its doors. Good luck Casa Fiesta!

  2. Keep in mind that Raulo’s only really thrived under Russel Turner, the founder.

    It had at least three sets of owners after him before it closed, and I’ve heard stories that, errr, let’s just say that the finances were not much better than the shit that comes out of a goose after eating grass.

    Cool as a Moose in the Old Port has been selling reproduction Raulo’s t-shirts bearing the image of David Turner, his brother who founded Carlson-Turner Books on the East End.

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