Bar Review of Bar Lola

Portland Bar Guide has published a review of Bar Lola.

As for the bar itself, it’s tiny, some five stools wide. But there is no barrier between dining room and bar and that just underscores this whole dual drinks/food identity that Bar Lola has worked so hard to create. The cozy space is warmly lit with sparse lanterns and candles, never an abrasive experience for the eyes.

For more of on the balance of food and drink at Bar Lola check out this piece by Appetite Portland about co-owner Stella Hernandez’s skill in pairing food and wine,

I held my judgment for the first bite of sole. With a mouthful of the fish I tried again. Perfection. The buttery sauce soothed the oak and brought out the wine’s fruit. The simple white fish, in response, popped with flavor.

Stella simply knows her stuff.

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