Bao Bao Review & Maine Cookbooks

Portland Magazine has published a short review of Bao Bao,

On to the dumplings. Our first indulgence, Steamed Hake, Burdock ($8.08), is like nothing we’ve seen anywhere. “Thread-cut” dumpling wrappers are ribboned layers enveloping the tender fish. Happily devouring our six pieces, we accelerate into our next plate of dumplings: the absolutely essential Lamb, Black Bean, Chili, Peanut ($8.08).

and an article about Maine cookbooks.

Some of the great Maine cookbooks are out of print but hardly out of sight in a city and state with such a good used-book network of stores and used sections within stores. “Saltwater Seasonings is one of the very few that really catches the spirit of Maine,” says Don Lindgren, owner of Rabelais Books in Biddeford, probably the center of the universe for vintage and rare cookbooks.

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  1. Sorry dumpling fanatics, but don’t know what all the fuss is about. Ate at Bao Bao tonight for the first time and was extremely underwhelmed. Salty broth with the boiled pork dumplings, hake/burdock dumplings bland, ma po dumplings like little raw garlic bombs. Chairman Mao would turn over in his grave.

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