Bangkok Thai –> Boda

According to an article in today’s Portland Daily Sun, the owners of Bangkok Thai are planning on turning it into an Asian fusion restaurant to be called Boda.

The restaurateurs are closing Bangkok Thai, their popular lunch and dinner restaurant at 671 Congress St., and converting it into a new Asian fusion eatery similar in some respects to their other Congress Street restaurant, the Green Elephant Vegetarian Bistro. Boda should be open in December.

“The food will change every two weeks, and we’ll have five to 10 items every night, that’s all. We’ll make it simple but good quality,” said Wongsaichua.

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  1. Hi Everyone,
    Thanks for reading about our new restaurant and bar! We just want to clarify a couple points from the Portland Daily Sun’s article this week. Our concept for the new restaurant is not exactly Asian Fusion. Our food menu will be based both on a “Thai home-cooking” style of cooking, along with, what we are calling, “Thai street-vendor specialties.” We’ll offer small plates, including items from a grill, as well as a changing kitchen menu. Our idea to implement a Thai home-cooking style came from the food we prepare and eat everyday here in Maine. We thought why not prepare food for our customer’s the same way we prepare food for ourselves? Our Thai street-vendor specialties concept is inspired by an eating culture in Thailand. When you walk around the streets of Thailand there are so many varieties of food to select from around each corner, which range from small snacks to meals to desserts. So, while some of our items will be from other Asian countries, our emphasis will really be on Thai ingredients and seasonings, as well as local and in-season products. We are also adding an Asian-inspired full bar. Food, as well as drinks, will be served late night (until 12 or 1am). Our new restaurant will not be based on the Green Elephant, but we hope to capture a similar feel. We want to shift away more from a take-out emphasis and create an atmosphere where people want to sit down, hang out, and try something new. We think you’re really going to enjoy it!
    Bangkok Thai

  2. I went to dinner at Boda last night. I must say that both the food and service were AMAZING. The restaurant looks great too. I had the pork dish and the meat was so tender it melted in my mouth…beware of the hot sauce though, it is HOT 🙂

  3. I must say, I am sad that Bangkok is no more. It was the only decent thai place around and I almost always got the same thing, I will definitely try Boda, but it is not the same.

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