BA 50 Best New Restaurants: Eventide

Bon Appétit has selected Eventide Oyster Company as one of the 50 Best New Restaurants in America.

In a state where lobster is king, Eventide’s dedication to the oyster is a bold move. The menu lists around 20 different varieties displayed in a massive hunk of Maine granite on the bar. All are offered raw with creative “accouterment” like kim chee ice. There is lobster here too, only Eventide’s lobster roll comes in a Chinese bun and is offered with not just mayo, but a brown butter vinaigrette or hollandaise. The spare, bright dining room relies on the bar around the perimeter, but two picnic tables in the back can accommodate those who’d rather slurp sitting down.

On August 14th, Bon Appétit will be releasing their list of the top 10 as well as their selection for the overall best new restaurant in America.

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