Allagash Vagabound Ale

A Blog About Beer has published a report on the scene at this morning’s launch of Vagabound Ale,

Today I arrived at 8:40, parked half-way down the street, and got in a line which was all the way out the side door and through the loading area of the brewery itself (before you even get to the gift shop). Everyone in line got two tickets – one for two bottles of Vagabond (no ticket = no beer) and one for a free Belgian waffle. There were also huge vats of free coffee for everyone. It really was a festive event.

And Portland Food Heads has published his first impressions of the limited release beer,

Well, one thing I will say is that this was an incredible beer. It poured a dark, murky amber with a small head. The immediate smell was that of dried fruit, like many of Allagash’s darker offerings. At first sip, macerated cherries hit me right off the bat with a surprisingly strong backing of carbonation…It’s actually pretty unfortunate that this beer will not be available anymore; it’s one of the better offerings I’ve tasted from Allagash, and I’ve tasted most of them.

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