Allagash FV13 in Top 25

Allagash’s FV13 is at the top of the Wine Enthusiast list of the Top 25 Beers of 2013.

This is Allagash’s first foray into the world of foudre (giant oak tanks used for aging) beers, and man, did they come out of the park swinging! FV 13 is a blend of wild yeasts and bacterias, a malty base beer and, “about four years of patience.” The brewery’s patience was rewarded, as the finished beer is a masterpiece, complex and layered yet nuanced and balanced. Initial aromas are tart and vinous, with upfront scents of sour cherry, plum and citrus supported by accents of lightly-toasted oak, walnut shells and forest floor…

Allagash had also been recognized by the publication back in 2011 when they came in 10th on the list for their Allagash Trippel Reserve.

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