ABV Prohibition (Updated)

Maine Today has a report on the Maine law which prohibits bars from posting the alcohol percentage of the beers they serve.

Maine Law prohibits bars from posting the ABVs. (But wait, bars all over the state post the ABVs on tap menus and chalkboards all time. Yeah. But technically, they’re not supposed to.) It’s an archaic law that’s getting a lot of attention on Three Tide’s Facebook page. When David Carlson, an owner of Three Tides, got a call from his liquor inspector saying it’s not OK to list the beers’ alcohol-by-volume numbers, he posted to the company’s page so that customers would know.

Update: See this article in the Bangor Daily News for additional reporting on the law and the efforts to change it.

So far his plea has reached the ears of several lawmakers, including Rep. Louie Luchini, D-Ellsworth, the co-chair of the Veterans and Legal Affairs committee, which deals with matters of alcohol sales. He said Friday that earlier that day he had submitted a bill request in an effort to quickly resolve the legal problem.

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