A Pair of El Rayo Reviews

Accidental Vegetables and Edible Obsessions have both published reviews of El Rayo.
According to Accidental Vegetables,

There’s been a lot of buzz around about our new restaurant, El Rayo. Rave reviews, excitement! Thrills!

Well, I can’t say I concur, unfortunately. Don’t get me wrong– it was fine. I liked the space, it’s nice that they have margaritas, and I ate some little fried potato things that were fairly tasty. But honestly, I thought it was a bit overpriced, and you get a lot better of a meal at Loco Pollo on Washington Ave.

And two visits Edible Obsessions had this to say,

Two visits in five days and I’m just not convinced. The portions seemed more generous on this visit than the last, but it just wasn’t any better. I tried in vain to find what a lot of people seemed to be enjoying but it just didn’t happen. Maybe I’ll go back again in a few months to see if the quality and consistency has finally caught up to the prices because it’s not there for me yet.

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  1. I hope that El Rayo owners visit this site so they can see all the reviews. I’ve never seen a new place in town have so many complaints about prices. I see it on Twitter too.

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