75 Best and 15 Essential

The Press Herald has published their list of the Best 75 places to eat and drink in Greater Portland. The list is assembled by restaurant critic Andrew Ross. The top 10 section includes: Cafe Louis, Cong Tu Bot, Elda/Jackrabbit, Fore Street, The Garrison, The Honey Paw, Isa, Judy Gibson, Norimoto Bakery, and Nura.

Eater Boston has released their list of 15 Essential Restaurants in Portland which includes: Jing Yan, Cong Tu Bot, Izakaya Minato, Eventide, Fore Street Schulte & Herr, Central Provisions, Evo, Leeward, Miyake, Asmara, Boda, El Corazon, Bao Bao and Chaval.