5 Stars for Fore Street

The Maine Sunday Telegram has reviewed Fore Street.

[Fore Street] remains Maine’s signature five-star restaurant. The ever-changing menu reflects top-notch foraging and sourcing from farms around the state and beyond, with favorites from the wood-grilled oven and turnspit including mussels, quail, black bass and pork belly, as well as fine salads, house-made pastas, unique desserts and well-paired wine list.

An Editor’s Note indicates that this was interim reviewer Melissa Coleman’s last review and that the sunday review will “go on a short hiatus and return with a new critic soon”.

6 comments on “5 Stars for Fore Street

  1. JB, I’m encouraged by the PPH’s willingness to have to column go on hiatus. It indicates a willingness to spend the time needed to find the right person for the job.

  2. I liked Ms. Coleman’s restaurant columns. Wish she would stay. She had a fresh writing style and an unusual perspective on her dining adventures. ABG…….. Anybody But Golden.

  3. She is definitely a good writer but her other mannerisms were a joke–pretentious, facts often inaccurate and the format was really far-fetched. At least JG knew what he was talking about.

  4. My own recent favorite Telegram reviewer was Shonna Milliken Humphrey; she seemed able to review both upscale and downscale establishments well and fairly. I always had the impression that if the woman she alternated weeks with were to review Cole Farms, she would feel compelled to note that the chicken-in-a-basket wasn’t free range.

  5. I loved Golden’s review of Cole Farms years ago, where he described the dining room as “filled with pot bellies and polyester…”| LOL

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