4 Stars for Zapoteca

Zapoteca received 4 stars from today’s Maine Sunday Telegram.

At Zapoteca, you’ll find fabulous cocktails, varied appetizers from chipotle pork tacos to mussels with a Mexican twist, and substantial and delicious entrees that bring gourmet flair to south-of-the-border cuisine. The restaurant boasts excellent service in a chic and thematic atmosphere that’s uncluttered and comfortable.

One comment on “4 Stars for Zapoteca

  1. Fair review. I love the Zapoteca, but agree they do need to work on the mojitos and ceviche. The issue I had with the mojito is all I could taste rum, the lime juice and mint were hardly noticeable. Only one of the trio was a real ceviche, the white fish. The others were poached or blanched before marinated. The other item I would improve is the guacamole — personally I like alot more cilantro.

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