211 Danforth

The former Vespucci’s space at 211 Danforth has been under construction for sometime. It was slated to become a new restaurant named Blackbird. Owner Keith Hickman has decided to shelve the Blackbird project and will instead be leasing 211 Danforth out.

There are a number of chefs and food retail entrepreneurs currently searching for space for their projects so it has the potential to  find a new occupant rather quickly.

7 comments on “211 Danforth

  1. Any chance it could return to being a neighborhood beer-and-pizza convenience store (of which the closest would be the Brackett St. Cumby’s) or did the renovations go too far for that to be realistic?

  2. Mark, There already is a convenience store in that building in the retail space formerly occupied by Cordell’s.

  3. Thanks for the answer; I used to live on Clark St. but it’s been a while since I’ve been by.

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