Kuno at 166 Cumberland Ave

Nick Yee, the owner of the Kuno (instagram) food truck, has leased 166 Cumberland Ave where he plans to open a brick and mortar restaurant of the same name. Kuno will be serving an expanded menu of Southeast Asian dishes and his family recipes with a full bar.

Yee hopes to open the restaurant in September, and in the meantime will be offering takeout using the food truck kitchen and delivery through services like 2DineIn.

Yee launched the Kuno food truck in February of 2019.

Little Easy Snoballs Launched

A new food truck called Little Easy Snoballs (websiteinstagramfacebook) launched yesterday at Back Cove.

Owner Lauren Gauthier offers up 30+ flavors of snoballs (classic snoball flavors and some house specials) you can also get yours topped with marshmallow fluff, condensed milk or “stuffed” with ice cream. I got a peach flavored snoball with ice cream.

Gauthier plans to locate Little Easy on Back Cove on weekdays and on the Eastern Prom on weekends.

NFC Now Open

NewYork Fried Chicken is now open. NFC is located at the corner of Cumberland and Washington in the former Bob’s Clam Hut space. The signage indicates they’ll be selling a menu of fried chicken, kebabs, gyro, seafood, subs and ice cream.

There are restaurants by the same name according to Wikipedia they are not a chain or a franchise despite operating a very similar concept.

Changing Nature of the Restaurant Industry

The Food & Dining section today’s Maine Sunday Telegram includes articles on:

Restaurants Act

Leigh Habegger, executive director of Seafood Harvesters of America, and Andrew Taylor, Arlin Smith and Mike Wiley, the co-owners of Eventide, Hugo’s and The Honey Paw have co-written an article for the Press Herald advocating for passage of the Restaurants Act and funds to support the seafood industry.

The connection couldn’t be clearer: Without restaurants, many fishermen have nowhere to sell their catch. Without fishermen, many restaurants have nothing to offer. We’re proud to harvest and serve the best-managed, most sustainable seafood in the world, especially when it comes on a steamed bun or slurped down with a squeeze of lemon. By passing the RESTAURANTS Act and providing additional assistance to the commercial fishing industry, Congress would make sure fresh oysters, lobster tails and haddock filets continue to make it to consumers, returning hundreds of billions of dollars and millions of jobs in the process.

For more information on the challenges faced by restaurant during the pandemic visit the Independent Restaurant Coalition website.