Maine Pie Line

The Forecaster has published an article about Maine Pie Line.

[Owner Briana] Warner’s creations include Dave’s Decadence, a chocolate ganache pie made with a salted caramel sauce and an olive oil-based crust. Another concoction is Pelkey Peach, a pie the menu describes as “apricots, peaches or nectarines poached in white wine and sage and baked in an almond pastry cream.”

The menu lists 40 pies, which include a mix of seasonal flavors and 10 savory pies, such as The Portlander, which has caramelized onions, goat cheese and portobello mushrooms.

Review of Flatbread

Peter Peter Portland Eater has published a review of Flatbread.

Flatbread now has 11 locations, with most located throughout New England, though there is one in Hawaii and one in Canada. That’s really branching out. But Portland was their second and you never forget your second. Isn’t that what they say? So I think it’s fair to surmise that our humble, little food town will always hold a special place in the hearts of Flatbread Company. Ah hell, who cares? They’ve got great pizza. Go grab one and see for yourself.