2012 Food Issues: Maine & Down East

The annual food issues of Maine and Down East magazines came out this week.

The March issue of Maine magazine includes:

  • Joe Ricchio’s take on the state’s 6 best cookies (personally I’d add the sea salt chocolate chip at Aurora Provisions)
  • An article on healthy eating
  • A profile of forager Evan Strusinski
  • A “cross-section of Maine’s most interesting chefs [and] the foods they really care about”
  • Interviews with restaurant managers at 555, Francine Bistro and Zapoteca
  • An article about Maine Maple Sunday
  • A profile of Jarrod Spangler who works as a butcher at Rosemont
  • A great cover photo of Steffi and Brian Davin, owners of Schulte & Herr

and in Down East you’ll find:

  • An extensive guide to cheap eats across the state
  • An article about Maine Maple Sunday with tasting notes from a dozen sugar houses
  • An article about Moxie
  • An article about the Maine eel fishery

Neither magazine has published their articles online yet (hint hint!) but the magazines should be available at your favorite local bookstore.

5 comments on “2012 Food Issues: Maine & Down East

  1. Just picked up that issue, what great looking pics and articles in it.

    Perhaps this was a one letter typo but something I noticed from Vignola’s facebook page…..

    Cinque Terre and Vignola
    Cinque Terre and Vignola is closed for renovations until the end of March. We can’t wait to show you our newly remodeled restaurant. Exciting things are happening. We will keep you updated!

    Are they turning it into one big restaurant now? Perhaps treating the Vignola side as the lounge side?

    Just odd they would shut down both at the same time for that long.

  2. Nice. Imagine it would be a hell of a lot easier to merge the kitchens, coolers, wine lists, beers, and all the paperwork in general. Do you think the idea is to have two different vibes in there? I’m thinking like 555 and point 5 lounge.

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