Super Bowl Wings & Subs

The Portland Phoenix offers advice on the menu for your Super Bowl party,

But keep in mind, when it comes to hosting such an event, there are some culinary standards to abide by. First of all, healthy means nothing. It’s not that there isn’t some nutritional value to be found on Super Bowl Sunday, it’s just that it doesn’t matter. Health is a non-issue, so disregard it immediately before contributing to such a party. And, frankly, the messier the dish is to eat, the better.

and recommendations on where to source your Super Bowl eats from.

Pamola Xtra, Double Throttle IPA, etc

Today’s What Ales You column in the Press Herald reports on some newly released beers including the Pamola Xtra from Baxter Brewing,

The beer — which is 4.9 percent alcohol — has a lot of body, especially for a pale ale. It just felt substantial in the mouth, and had some malt sweetness followed by a slight hop bite at the back end. All three people who tasted this liked it a lot.

Super Bowl Eats

The Food & Dining section in today’s Press Herald interviewed chefs Mitchell Gerow from East Ender and Peter Sueltenfuss from District to get their suggestions for your Sunday Super Bowl party.

“The best way to have a fun and enjoyable Super Bowl party is to keep it simple, and you can’t get more simple than the classics – clams casino, chicken wings, a pulled pork sandwich,” said Mitchell Gerow, chef/co-owner at the East Ender.

Pete Sueltenfuss, chef/partner at District, offered a simple but delicious recipe for pork meatballs served with a local cider gravy.

The Natural Foodie article proposes some plant-based eating alternatives to the “[t]raditional Super Bowl food laden with meat and dairy”.