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Serious Eats: Pai Men Miyake

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

Serious Eats has posted a single dish review of the Chirashi at Pai Men Miyake.

No surprise, the chirashi at Pai Men Miyake is particularly nice—and, frankly, well portioned for the price. The deep bowl is well padded with rice, on top of which sits a trio of sashimi: salmon, tuna, and bronzini, all impeccably fresh. The bronzini might be some of the best I’ve had—delicately sweet, rich, and clean.

Reviews: Thai 9, Enio’s

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

The Press Herald has published a review of Thai 9,

This time I colored outside the lines of my so-called healthy eating and order Lo Mein with chicken ($8). The portion was generous and the egg noodles were pan fried with snow peas, napa cabbage, carrot, mushroom, onion and bean sprouts. Ah, the sweet taste of redemption.

and a bar review of Enio’s.

Enio’s Eatery in South Portland is the relatively new restaurant of Laura and Bob Butler. Laura is the sole cook and Bob manages the dining room, in addition to selecting the impressive wine list. If you’re not sure where to try next, put Enio’s at the top of your list.

Today’s paper also includes an article about Geary’s new gluten-free beer Ixnay.

Galley Goodies

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

Sleeping Hedgehog has published a review of Galley Goodies.

I’ve been working my way through some samples from Galley Goodies, a small gluten free bakery in Portland, Maine. In the bag dropped off by our fearless editor-in-chief were 2 bagels, 4 little pie minis (chocolate chip, caramel and coconut), and a peanut butter cupcake. Galley Goodies is the brainchild of Cara Cribb, a veteran restaurant chef who discovered her headaches and other medical issues were due to a severe reaction to gluten.


Opinionated Top 100: Miyake and Hugo’s

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Miyake (#38) and Hugo’s (#45) are both on the Opinionated About Dining 2014 list of the top 100 restaurants in the United States.

Last year OAD rated Miyake #53 and Hugo’s #57 in their top 100 list for the US.

Review of Mi Sen

Monday, March 31st, 2014

The Bollard reviewed Mi Sen.

At $11, my friend’s chicken massaman curry, also on the special menu, was our biggest splurge. A Thai dish of Persian origin, this curry is slow-cooked, making for meltingly soft potatoes, onions and carrots, and a tender cut of chicken that my friend pronounced “so amazing.” But the sauce itself was the highlight, with its creamy coconut base and undertones of tamarind.

Reviews: C-Squared & Eventide

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

Maine Sunday Telegram has reviewed C-Squared,

…the C Square Restaurant and Top of the East Lounge offer chic trappings in which to have stylish American bistro fare and expertly crafted cocktails. The kitchen strives to use locally sourced ingredients and prepares them simply and thoughtfully. Standout starter dishes at dinner include the charcuterie board, oysters three ways, panko crusted goat cheese and a good New England clam chowder. Entrees include pan-seared duck breast, day-boat scallops, brined pork tenderloin, sautéed Maine lobster and grilled beef tenderloin.

and The Golden Dish has reviewed Eventide.

All gushing aside, Eventide is  as good as ever, and maybe one day they can expand next door or upstairs or somewhere so one can get in, sit at a table and eat in a civilized manner.  On the other hand, shoulder to shoulder with everyone else clamoring to wine and dine there also makes the intensely delicious food seem just right.

Review of Walter’s

Friday, March 28th, 2014

Peter Peter Portland Eater has reviewed Walter’s.

Walter’s continues to impress me every time I go. They’ve been rock solid over the long haul and that consistency keeps bringing me back. Don’t hesitate to go there and sit at the bar either. If you’re looking for a night out with some awesome cocktails, you can’t go wrong with their drinks. They are delicious and pack both flavor and a potent punch inside your glass. Regardless of why your going though, Walter’s is sure to please even the most discerning foodie’s pallet.

Reviews: Vinland, Otto Pizza

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

The Press Herald has published a bar review of Vinland,

Vinland isn’t just a restaurant or a bar – it’s an experience. Adjacent to Congress Square in Portland, Vinland might look unassuming from the outside, but you’re sure to leave feeling at least a little more educated about food, drink and the possibilities of a 100 percent local menu. The cocktails are playful and artistic, and the service is first-rate.

and a review of the South Portland Otto.

When I tried the mashed potato pizza, which I had before and loved, its potatoes were more smashed than mashed, with chunks of potato sitting atop the pie. The bacon was smoky and crisp. Overall a very nice pie.

Review of Vinland

Friday, March 21st, 2014

The Portland Phoenix has reviewed Vinland.

Vinland’s myriad ideas are most eloquently expressed when the food itself speaks for them. And the restaurant lets that happen — the menu and the service offer few hints of the righteousness that has become Vinland’s public persona. The handsome room is spare and well lit, the better to appreciate the presentation of the cuisine — which remained true to its astringent-aesthetic from that beet chip beginning to a delicious dried-parsnip crumble for dessert.

Review of Fishermen’s Grill

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

Blueberry Files has reviewed the Fishermen’s Grill.

This place isn’t sexy, but the food is the real deal. The seafood is ordered fresh daily and sourced locally. Once there weather warms up, I could see sitting outside or getting food to go and enjoying it in Baxter Woods across the street. It’s not necessarily cheap, but portions are big and easily feed two. The Fishermen’s Grill is cash only. Go check it out and enjoy the “locals only” feeling.

Star Chefs Announces 2014 Awards List

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Star Chefs has announced their 2014 Coastal New England Rising Stars list and on it are several Maine chefs and food purveyors:

  • Ravin “Bas” Nakjaroen from Long Grain in Camden
  • Andrew Taylor and Michael Wiley from Hugo’s/Eventide
  • Ilma Lopez from Piccolo in the Pastry Chefs category
  • Eli Cayer from the Urban Farm Fermentory in the Artisans category
  • Will Pratt from Tandem in the Coffee Roasters category
  • Nathan Sanborn from Rising Tide in the Brewers category
  • Andrew Volk from Hunt + Alpine in the Bartenders category

Review of Gather

Sunday, March 16th, 2014

The Maine Sunday Telegram has reviewed Gather.

For a unique, thoroughly charming dining experience, Gather offers gracious dining in a country village type of setting in a historic circa 1860 former Masonic hall. The vast dining room and its dramatic space are the scene for stylish farm-to-table fare. Standout dishes include their house-made Neapolitan-style pizza, rosemary-spiked French fries, wonderfully prepared appetizers and a good selection of hearty entrees like grilled meat loaf, braised chicken leg, local pork using a rotating selection of cuts that changes periodically, grilled and poached fish, soups, hamburgers and such delicious specials as their poutine of rosemary french fries with duck. Desserts are homemade.

Reviews: Empire, Oscar’s, Casa Fiesta

Saturday, March 15th, 2014

Down East has reviewed Empire Chinese Kitchen,

Wok-fried dumplings arrive with dipping sauce on a rectangular pottery platter; batter-fried honey walnut shrimp with citrusy yuzu mayo soon follow. There may be a brief scramble to see who can liberate their chopsticks from their paper liner first, and then the frenzy begins. What next? Perhaps one of the Cantonese classics: wonton soup or delicate steamed char sui (pork buns). An order of the heavenly baby bok choi simply tossed in the wok with a little garlic, ginger, and oyster sauce will make you never look at a green vegetable the same way again.

the Portland Phoenix has reviewed Oscar’s New American,

Just about every dish had great little touches, like the sharp and crunchy little fried capers on the deviled eggs, perched next to garlic chips that had been soaked in milk and fried. And even the one unrelentingly rich and creamy dish we tried, braised pork cheeks over those same manchego grits, was balanced and layered. A rioja reduction brought just a touch of sweet to the appealingly funky grits and tender meat.

and both The Golden Dish has reviewed Casa Fiesta.

When you don’t want to have a more rarefied Mexican meal at places like Zapoteca, or good tacos at Taco Trio in South Portland, then go to Casa Fiesta where the complexities of this sort of sensory pleasure won’t clutter your better food sense.

Culture Trip: Food in Portland

Friday, March 14th, 2014

Culture Trip has posted an eating guide to Portland.

With local fresh seafood on its doorstep, a popular farm-to-table movement and a smattering of creative restaurants spicing up traditional recipes with contemporary flair, Portland, Maine, is quickly become a foodie’s paradise. Whether you choose from freshly dug Maine clams in a floating restaurant, New American cuisine in a former church or French fare in a cosy bistro, Portland’s eclectic dining scene – and these ten great cultural restaurants – will leave an impression.

10 Best Beer Cities

Friday, March 14th, 2014

A website called Bustle has included Portland in a list of the 10 Best Cities for Beer Lovers.

Reviews: Petite Jacqueline and Hot Suppa

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

Peter Peter Portland Eater has reviewed Petite Jacqueline.

Whamo! The flavor of the burger was so delicious that it created a level 5 shield of protection from mind-eating zombies around me. It pretty much felt like I was eating another order of onion soup, but this time on a burger. That definitely wasn’t a bad thing. I chomped the pickle on my plate. That was hella good too.

The Blueberry Files has published a Maine Restaurant Week review of Hot Suppa,

Restaurant Week is a promotion that participating restaurants have to pay to participate in, and I’d like to think that restaurants want to show off on their featured menus so as to attract new customers. Hot Suppa must have been taking a different approach by serving these safer menu items, but in doing so, I think they missed an opportunity to shine.

and the Portland Daily Sun has posted some opinions on Maine Restaurant Week.

The temptation to make T-shirts that say, “I survived Restaurant Week 2014″ is overridden by my appreciation for the extra jingle in my tips-to-tuition change jar. Knowing I’m not alone in the stress and exhaustion department, I asked restaurant folks and diners alike to send in their thoughts around the event.

Review of Central Provisions

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014


Map & Menu has published a review of Central Provisions.

Central Provisions is one of the latest in a stocked season of great openings in Portland. Piccolo, Hunt + Alpine, and Miyake Diner have already deservedly garnered rave reviews and national recognition, but after a couple of meals at Central Provisions, there is no doubt in our minds that they belong near the top of the list of Portland’s best restaurants and bars. Owners Chris and Paige Gould have done an exceptional job with both the space and the menu, and bar manager Patrick McDonald and wine director Chris Peterman have put together an amazing selection of drinks to boot.

Photo Credit: Map & Menu

Review of Marcy’s

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

The Golden Dish has reviewed Marcy’s.

As soon as I saw the blackboard breakfast/brunch item of smoked pork chops in red-eye gravy with baked beans, eggs and toast I had to have it.  Wow if that wasn’t greasy spoon heaven! 

Review of Zapoteca

Saturday, March 8th, 2014

The Golden Dish has reviewed Zapoteca.

The food is very good at Zapoteca but still misses that oomph of inimitable Mexican sabor.  Maybe it’s geography  at play or the need to have an able sous chef in the kitchen cooking while Bard globe trots to learn new techniques.

Review of Local 188

Friday, March 7th, 2014

Drink Up and Get Happy has published a bar review of Local 188.

We were pleasantly surprised to discover that Local runs happy hour, which they call Tapas Time, Monday – Friday from 4-6pm!  They feature $3 Allagash White, House wine selections for $4 per glass or $16 per bottle and $5 Frescas, made in house with infused vodkas.  While the specials list may be small, it does have something for everyone for great prices.