X-Rated Wine Tastings

Chow Maine has taken a look at one of the more unusual provisions of Maine’s new wine tasting law. While the law provides shop owners with more flexibility on what can be part of tasting or how frequently they can occur, it also specifies that they must “be conducted in a manner that precludes the possibility of observation by children.”

The changes made by the new legislation won’t go into effect until September, so it’s unclear how the “no children” aspect of the law will affect specific shops. However, an overly strict interpretation of this provision might make it impractical, or even impossible, for some shops to continue to conduct wine tastings.

3 comments on “X-Rated Wine Tastings

  1. The legacy of Neil Dow continues here in Maine with this idiotic provision. How can simply observing a wine tasting corrupt a child? And don’t they see people drinking in other public places – like restaurants? Representative Webster should be ashamed.

  2. I will be conducting a wine tasting for children at my house soon. No parents allowed please!

  3. This is another example of people making rules that have no idea of what they’re speaking. It also sets up a troubling situation that seems to require a separate space for wine tastings, although the law stipulates that they must be conducted in the “sales area” of the store. So, are we supposed to set up a “private area” which would not be allowed, or just give kids blindfolds?
    Joe, I’ll bring my kids to your house!

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