Winter Farmers Market

The Golden Dish has posted some suggestions on improving the winter farmers market.

The market needs  to reinvent itself, creating an  exciting environment that includes an expanded marketplace of farm-related products beyond what comes from the field.  More variety would fill in when the natural demise of produce finally takes a rest for the winter.  More baked goods, prepared foods, seafood, crafts and the like would be vital additions.

One comment on “Winter Farmers Market

  1. I’m wondering if the Portland Winter Market oddly enough suffers from being positioned between two successful markets which is the opposite of what happens in the summer as other area markets suffer from the overwhelming success of the Portland Famers Markets on Wednesday and Saturday.

    Re what’s allowed and what’s not. Though it is written into city regulations, most of that comes from what the farmers down the years wanted to be in the market. And changes will need a push from any farmers to do so, not just a few.

    Finally I really do think that the location is part of the problem. And no, I’ve not a clue where it should be.

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