Whoopie Pie Compromise and World’s Biggest W Pie Construction

According to a report from Maine Things Considered, the Maine House voted 107-34 to approve a compromise that would designate the whoopie Pie as the Maine State Treat and blueberry pie as the Maine State Dessert.

What started out as a fairly benign piece of legislation designating the whoopie pie as the state dessert, has whipped up an interstate dispute between Maine and Pennsylvania, and served up a dollop of national publicity. Although the bill has since been amended in committee to change the whoopie pie’s title to “state treat,” rather than state dessert, lawmakers representing the interests of the blueberry industry took to the floor of the House today in an effort to carve out their own share of the pie.

Wicked Whoopies will be at the Maine Mall this Saturday to assemble what they hope will be the World’s Biggest Whoopie Pie (take note Pennsylvania). They’ll be selling off slices of the 750-800 lb behemoth for $1 a slice and using the proceeds to send whoopie pies to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. (via Maine magazine)

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