Whole Hog & Spelt Right

The Food & Dining section in today’s Press Herald includes a detailed look at the growing interest by chefs and acceptance by diners of whole hog cooking,

At Fore Street, the cooks go through a whole Yorkshire pig, a heritage breed they purchase from a farmer in South Berwick, every month or two. During their busy season, they might buy one every two weeks.

The loin is used for chops, the back legs are brined, and the head, skin and ears are used in a head cheese. The fatback, skin and scrap meat find other uses. The trotters are deboned, braised and stuffed with fois gras, herbs and spices.

and a look at the history and success of Spelt Right Bakery.

“We’re very ingredient-conscious,” George said. “And we pay for that, but you have to stick to your principles.”

Her dedication to quality and health translates into a growing business. Last week, the bakery learned that Whole Foods Markets in the New York region would be picking up the company’s signature bagels. On a much smaller scale, the employee store at Maine Medical Center recently added them as well.

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