Who Owns the Recipes?

Today’s Press Herald has taken a look at the legal issues regarding the recipe for the Sicilian Slab.

It’s unlikely that Stephen Lanzalotta’s recipes are protected by copyright laws, experts say, but the instructions for his luna bread and Sicilian Slab pizza may include trade secrets that will make it difficult for Micucci Grocery, which fired him last week, to keep using them.

One comment on “Who Owns the Recipes?

  1. The first article on this by the PPH had our baker admitting he had an oral agreement as regards the use of his recipes by Micucci’s. What I find rather interesting is that no one has addressed his employment status. If he was leasing the space, that would make the product his; if, as I understand it, he was employed ny Micucci’s as a baker, his intellectual property rights get really blurred.

    By the way, the slab pizza at Micucci’s is rather different that the pizza he served at Sophia’s.

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