Where's the Wi-Fi?

In recognition of yesterday’s launch of the new wi-fi enabled Apple iPad, here’s a list of local spots that provide wireless internet to their customers:

Post a comment if you know of any others that are missing from the list.

18 comments on “Where's the Wi-Fi?

  1. One evening this winter, while our power was out, we hopped in the car, pulled up next to the South Portland library, fired up the Macbook, and voila! No muss, no fuss, and no password either!

  2. One Fine Morning in Paris, Bull Finney’s, Starbucks, Dunkin Doughnuts Mesa Verde, and Local 188 all have wireless, but very few have open password unprotected access. Crooked Mile to my knowledge does *not* have wireless.

  3. Pom’s Thai Taste Restaurant & Noodle House
    We have free wi-fi too.
    Please ask the servers for the password ^^

  4. Stonyfield Cafe in Falmouth (formerly O’Naturals) has always had free wifi (no password necessary).

  5. It would be helpful to note which ones require a password and which sites charge for WiFi – one of my biggest disappointments is that Starbucks charges.
    You have to sign up for a card, pay and wait for the system to be updated to allow access (not sure if this is all Starbucks or the one I visited, but I was still disappointed).

  6. Both Bard Coffee (on the left side of Tommy’s Park) and Arabica (lower end of Free Street) have open access, high-speed networks; Coffee By Design has closed networks with a different password for each location and I never could get One Fine Morning in Paris to work even half-way decently.
    Port Hole does not itself have a open access, high-speed network but there’s three or more open nets in the buildings which are easily available. Bull Finney’s requires no password.
    PBJ Time on the second floor of the Public House Market is paying himself for an open access, high-speed Roadrunner network — should be up by next week as should the same at A Victory Cafe that space formerly known as Zarra’s.
    BTW Whole Foods net though open does not allow for outgoing mail, just incoming mail. No idea why.

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