What’s in a Name & Coffee Shop Humor

The Opinion section in today’s Press Herald includes a defense of the Acadian Redfish,

Words can lend a person a presence they don’t have by themselves. The same goes for how we describe our food. Broccoli is just broccoli, until we describe it as organic, sustainable or local. Then it becomes superior, and more desirable.

Or, in this example of redfish being described as bait fish, it becomes less desirable.

and A Slanted View column on Portland’s coffee shops.

I decided to investigate. At every downtown coffee shop, I would order, drink, and rate one (1) small cup of black coffee. I would measure each establishment’s VSOP (Vibe, Sincerity, Organic Purity).

I would note which Famous Maine Personage (FMP) each shop most personifies, as well as Other Outstanding Oddities (OOO).

I did it all yesterday morning between 8 and 10.

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