Vegan Goes Mainstream

The Natural Foodie column in today’s Press Herald reports that as vegan diets are becoming more popular, Portland restaurants are responding to the need by adding more vegan options to their menus.

When the swanky Grace Restaurant opened almost two years ago in Portland, its menu was populated by meat and seafood-based entrees. But six months ago, the popular eatery did something unusual in Portland’s top-tier restaurant scene: It added a vegan entree to its regular menu.

“Why we have the dish started with demand,” general manager Kate Tozier said. “We saw more and more people requesting vegan.”

One comment on “Vegan Goes Mainstream

  1. Color me unimpressed but a single vegan entree does not really do it. There are a number of places to dine out where a vegan can find a full range of dining possibilities including Green Elephant, Local Sprouts, and the Pepper Club to name but a few. And the food at the three I mentioned is every bit as good as Grace at a more affordable price for vegans and non-vegans alike.

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