Upcoming Events: Restaurant Week, Dila’s, Absolem, Slide Street, Belleville

Tuesday – March 12Maine Restaurant Week.

Friday – a new food cart called Slide Street Co. is holding a pop-up at Fork Food Lab, and it will be the grand opening of Dila’s (menu) at the Public Market House.

Saturday – the launch party for Absolem Cider is taking place at Anoche on Washington Ave, and Belleville is re-opening their North Street shop, 8 am to 2 pm.

March 7 – a 5-course Bissell Brothers beer dinner.

March 10 – the Roma Cafe is holding a 4-course Tuscan wine dinner.

March 13 – Judy Gibson and Lorne Wine are teaming up on a 4-course wine dinner.

March 29 – Maine’s newest cidery the Absolem Cider and Oxbow Brewing will collaborating on a beer/cider dinner at the Oxbow Beer Garden in Oxford.

April 9 – the Beer With(out) Beards festival will be taking place.

April 22 – May 14th Maine Seaweed Week.

June 13 – 19 – the 5th Annual Portland Wine Week will be taking place.