Under Construction: Wine Bar in One City Center

According to a report from Maine a la Carte, a new wine bar is in the works for the former Dante’s space in One City Center.

She declined to name the tenant because the lease is not yet signed, but did say that the wine bar would not have a full kitchen; the menu will be limited to “olives, cheese nuts – food to accompany wine and beer.” Wine courses may also be offered, she said.

A separate source emailed yesterday to pass on the news that Once City Center is planning on re-purposing some of the retail space in their food court as office space and so has given notice to some of the food vendors.

11 comments on “Under Construction: Wine Bar in One City Center

  1. So much for the food court! There are only 4 vendors down there now as it is, I wonder who will be left?

  2. From what I’ve heard City Deli would remain but I don’t have any confirmation of that.

  3. Tic Tac Taco (and City Deli for that matter) has been there forever and they are wonderful people and a real part of the PHS community, I hope they are not forced out.

  4. A business that was already in the public market was looking at that spot for another store. I didn’t see how that made sense. Glad they thought otherwise and will look for other locations a little further out than fifty feet away.

    I am not going to be negative again so soon but man I’m not sure about this idea for that spot. They would really have to do it right and they are not going to pull in people on weekends.

    I know I ask every few months but any word on Blue Lobster Urban Winery?

  5. According to the workers at Two Fat Cats, nothing has been done on the Blue Lobster space since the beginning of winter. and I certainly haven’t seen anything being done in my walks that way.

    Nick, the business in the Public Market House was looking at the space the Wine Bar is going in but the rent and lease restrictions made it not feasible for them.

  6. If they wanted to open a winebar in monument square they should have leased out some of the space on the bottom floor of 1 Monument Square. I dont see how it fits into the One City Center Food Court either.

  7. It isn’t precisely in the food court as the old Dante’s open out onto the street. I’m guessing that’ll be their main enterence.

    The food court according to folksi know at the PPH has been suffering declining numbers for years as the Portland High School kids have many more options for lunch than they did when it opened. I indeed wouldn’t be surprised if it closed altogether.

  8. There are long lines at tic tac taco, city deli, the thai place and the salad place everyday, there are also fewer vendors in there than there used to be. Stop by there at lunch time on any weekday and you can judge for yourself, the people who work in the area frequent it. Its fast, clean and decent quality. There have always been several options for the high school kids, I was one of them. They pack that place everyday during the school year. There are many of us who work close by who will miss the food court if its gone, there is plenty of open office space.

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