Under Construction: Walter’s

PortlandTown has published photos of the new Walter’s on Union Street which will re-open next week.

The bar area will feature a wall of wine at the far end. They plan on two private dinners on sunday and monday evenings for their contractors and family & friends as a shake out before opening to the general public on tuesday.  For those of you who ate at the old place on Exchange street, this space will be a real shock.  It has not only a totally different feel but also a different feel to any other space in Portland.

One comment on “Under Construction: Walter’s

  1. Does anybody else find the pics of Walter’s really refreshing like I do? Finally something modern and a little urban here. We have so many great restaurants but they all seem like they are designed the same way in many ways. Kind of reminds me of the new Post 390 restaurant in Boston or even the Rustic Kitchen down there. Great job guys, can’t wait to check it out.

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