Under Construction: Top Thai

A new Thai restaurant called Top Thai is under construction on Saint John Street. Top Thai is taking over the Saeng Thai House location at 267 Saint John. As far as I know, the Saeng Thai on Congress remains open. You can see a draft menu (page 85) for the restaurant in the agenda for tonight’s City Council meeting.

4 comments on “Under Construction: Top Thai

  1. That menu is actually the menu from one of Pom’s Thai restaurants. It looks like the only thing that was changed on it was the name of the restaurant on the cover page. I hadn’t heard anything about Pom opening another location, so can we assume that Top Thai “borrowed” this menu? If so, is that allowed? I’m not sure what the purpose of a draft menu is… is it just to give City Council a broad idea as to the types of foods being served?

  2. CW, I think that’s exactly why restaurants submit a draft menu with their liquor license application–to give the City Council some additional background on what type of restaurant the owner is planning on opening.

  3. This is Pom. I allow them to use my restaurant menu as a draft menu because the food at Top Thai restaurant will be similar to my restaurant, but not exactly the same. They used to work at one of my restaurants. I might help them in the future, if they need me to do so. ^^

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