Under Construction: The Edge, L.F.K., The Bakery on the Hill

Here are a few updates on restaurants under construction in Portland:

  • The window at 416 Fore Street has a sign that says “Coming Soon, The Edge”. The Edge was reported on earlier this Summer by the Portland Daily Sun . It is a new venture by the owners of the Spring Point Tavern in South Portland.
  • The former Cunningham’s Bookstore in Longfellow Square is being converted into a neighborhood destination called L.F.K. The space is designed “to look and feel like an old study or library”. Owners Johnny Lomba and John Welliver will also have on display a “modest and rotating collection of old typerwriters with information on various writers who used the same models.” You can see the draft food menu they supplied as part of their liquor license application (page 22) and a floor plan (page 24) online.
  • See below for a photo from the site of The Bakery on the Hill which is under construction on Congress Street a couple doors away from Figa. Between the tin ceiling, hardwood floors and the skylight it has the potential to be a really great space.


One comment on “Under Construction: The Edge, L.F.K., The Bakery on the Hill

  1. I wonder if The Bakery on The Hill will also be a coffee shop? The space is certainly big enough to accommodate such an undertaking and I must admit it’d be a lovely space to sit and enjoy a coffee and a fresh baked pastry in!

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