Under Construction: Maine Craft Distilling

Maine Craft Distilling is a new distillery that’s under construction at 101 Fox Street in East Bayside. The company was founded by Luke Davidson and three IDEXX alumni Fred Farber, TJ Dupree and John Rogers. This weekend I had the chance to meet up with Luke to learn more about the operation and get a tour of the facility.

Maine Craft Distilling describes themselves as a farm-to-flask operation and listening to Luke it sounds like they have a strong experimental streak that could lead to some very interesting products. The company is developing relationships with Maine farmers to source grains and other ingredients. They’ve received their federal license to distill and are on track to get their state licenses as well.  They plan to produce a carrot-based gin called Chesuncook, as well as a rum “Ration”, a single malt whiskey “Fifty Stone” and a vermouth. They hope to start production and sales in the coming year.

A year ago there wasn’t a single distiller in Portland. The launch of New England Distilling in 2012 and upcoming developments from Maine Craft Distilling and In’finiti (from Novare Res) are rapidly changing that. If the trend continues, we may soon have as many options for local spirits as we already do for local craft beer.

Photos: wall mural that runs along the Maine Craft Distilling malting floor (above),  malting floor, stills and other equipments (below), tasting room and office, MCD exterior sign, hybrid bicycle that’s been retrofitted to run on methanol.


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