Under Construction: BRGR Bar

Urban Eye has posted an update on the BRGR Bar which is slated to open on Brown Street in the former Margarita’s space later this summer.

A Portsmouth restaurateur closed on the first floor of the shuttered Margaritas in downtown Portland Wednesday. The grassfed-adult-milkshake-themed BRGR Bar is expected to open on Brown Street in late August. “We are excited by the location and getting to know Portland better,” said Carolyn Gregory, director of operations.

For more information on BRGR Bar see their instagram account, website, and facebook page.

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  1. What are people’s thoughts on this? Without a main draw to the Civic Center can this survive? I’m quite skeptical but hope they succeed. Plus…another Burger place?

  2. I’m excited for this. As far as I’m concerned there isn’t a great burger place in town, so I hope they fill that role. We’ll see though. Nice to see something going in that space.

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