Turn Down the Volume

Author Nancy Harmon Jenkins makes the case for bringing restaurant dining room volumes down to a more tolerable level in today’s Maine Sunday Telegram.

So what’s the solution? You can tuck your ears between your shoulders and put up with it. Or you can complain. Complain loudly, if you must to get above the noise. If enough of us Ancient Mainers with money in our pockets, looking for enticing places to spend it, if enough of us complain, the owners will hear, believe me. Or they will, perish the thought, get old too and understand what we’re yelling about.

One comment on “Turn Down the Volume

  1. This is so dumb on so many levels. I can’t imagine why young people don’t wanna come to Maine… Author sounds like the same person who wants a sound ordinance for the Thirsty Pig. Make up your mind people.. do you want Portland to be a city or not?

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