Three Sons, Lobster Protests & Restaurant Lobster Pricing

Today’s Press Herald includes an investigation into why restaurant pricing of lobster dishes hasn’t dropped as fast or as low as the price paid to lobstermen,

By the time that bright-red lobster lands in front of a customer in a Maine restaurant, those low dock prices of $2 or $2.50 a pound are more like a distant murmur than the issue that’s causing all that shouting by lobstermen up in Canada, who are worried that their livelihood is threatened by the cheap Maine lobster flowing to processing plants north of the border.

the latest in the ongoing controversy in Canada over the processing of Maine lobster,

The judge granted an injunction that orders protesters not to block entrances to lobster processing plants for the next 10 days. The order says no more than six people can protest at a time, and they must stay at least 200 feet from the plants.

Canadian lobstermen protested the delivery of Maine lobsters to Canadian processors last week by blocking access to the facilities. They said Canadians could not compete with the low price of the imported product.

and an article about the eviction of Three Sons Lobster from their digs on Commercial Street.

The owner of Three Sons Lobster and Fish on Commercial Street was evicted Thursday, but he’s hoping a last-minute bankruptcy filing will allow him to reopen at the same location.

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