Thanksgiving 2010 Resource Guide

Some restaurants plan on serving a Thanksgiving dinner. Here are the Portland area ones I know about so far:

The United Way and 2 churches are hosting dinners on Thanksgiving (via About Town):

  • United Way Community Dinner, 11:30 – 1, at the Portland Club 156 State St, they’re looking for volunteers
  • Woodfords Congregational Church Thanksgiving Dinner, 2 – 3:30, 202 Woodford St
  • Immanuel Baptist Church Thanksgiving Dinner, 5 – 6:30, 156 High St

There are also a few vendors are selling pies, cakes and even entire meals to take home:

  • Aurora Provisions is selling a full dinner for two, $68.99 as well as soups, starters, entrees and desserts to jump start your preaparations
  • Rosemont Market, pre-order your free-range turkey (sourced from Maine-ly Poultry and Serendipity Acres) by Nov 20; Rosemont is also selling pies, rolls, quick breads, and other items which you’ll need to pre-order by the 19th.
  • Standard Baking on Commercial Street, Scratch Baking in South Portland, and many of the other bakeries in the area are good sources for pies, breads, etc. They probably produce some holiday themed options in addition to their usual offerings.

Events and other resources:

  • The Blueberry Files has published an excellent Portland area turkey buying guide complete with price per pound stats and details on how they were raised.
  • Wines; Tasted! has published a set of Thanksgiving wine recommendations, as has  the Appel on Wine column in the Press Herald.
  • The Press Herald also published recommendations on where to get locavore equivalents of corporate food Thanksgiving standards.
  • At the November 17 Wine Wise class you can taste some Thanksgiving wine recommendations so you can a “have a great list to take with you to the stores for your shopping trip”.
  • November 18, Browne Trading’s wine tasting will feature “wines suited for the Thanksgiving Feast” as will a wine tasting at Aurora Provisions.
  • On November 21, you can taste 20 different Thanksgiving wines at the 20/20 wine charity event.

Is there a local restaurant, market or bakery that’s missing? Post a comment with the info and I’ll add them to the list.

8 comments on “Thanksgiving 2010 Resource Guide

  1. Very cool and a helpful resource when people call restaurant that are not open on Thanksgiving. Well done!

  2. Thank you so so much for posting this guide, your timing is perfect! If you happen to know of any other vegetarian/vegan Thanksgiving dinner or coffeehouse/lunch options to eat out, would you mind posting those as well?–hosting out of town company from Michigan. (Green Elephant will be closed on Thanksgiving.)

  3. Can anyone suggest any good places for individual/solo diners on Thanksgiving Day? I’ve been on my own a couple of times in the past, and it sometimes feels a bit awkward to be sitting alone at a table for four when every other table in the joint is packed.
    Also, I’d like to recommend Blackbird Baking, which is also offering Thanksgiving pies and desserts. Their lemon shaker pie was excellent, so I’m looking forward to ordering from them again. Very reasonable prices and free delivery.

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