Sunday Food Section

Today’s Food & Dining section in the Maine Sunday Telegram includes:

Recognition of the growing number of restaurants and bars offering non-alcoholic cocktails on their menu,

Walk into just about any bar or restaurant in southern Maine, and it’s likely you’ll find other drinks like the Kermit – mocktails that contain no alcohol, for customers who prefer not to imbibe. Most times there’s a simple explanation for their abstinence – they’re on medication, they’re pregnant, they’re in recovery, or maybe they just don’t like the taste of alcohol. More recently, bartenders have seen the rise of the “sober curious,” people who have quit drinking completely or severely cut back – not because they were addicted but because they want to feel better and say goodbye to hangovers.

intel on where to find vegan and vegetarian tasting menus, and

These chef-curated, small plate meals found at high-end, often meat-centric restaurants can be exciting sources of plant-based nosh, if you know where to look. Each restaurant serves something different, of course, but the tasting menus share an emphasis on seasonal produce and a desire to offer an extra-special dining experience.

a review of Woodford Food & Beverage from the perspective of 6-year old Margaux Boger written up by her parents.

At Woodford Food & Beverage, foodie families can have their cake and eat it, too. Family night out has something for everyone, with sophisticated adult food and an upscale take on kid food favorites. It’s the kind of restaurant that makes you feel like you’re having a classy night out without making you feel like you shouldn’t be bringing your kid. It’s welcoming. This is what we’re looking for in a restaurant.

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