Strawberries and the Vegetarian Food Festival

The Food & Dining section in today’s Press Herald celebrates the start of the native strawberry season,

“The crop looks really good,” [farmer Bill Bamford] said. “There were a lot of blossoms there earlier, and every blossom turns into a strawberry. Barring some natural disaster, we’re pretty optimistic at this point and hoping we can make a few people happy.”

and provides an overview of this wekend’s Vegetarian Food Festival,

“The food we eat makes us sick over time,” Bell said. “We have pharmaceuticals to get us well. But the bad news is, no one gets well. We just take more pharmaceuticals.”

In his own life, Bell has broken out of the conventional way of thinking and switched from the standard American diet to one based on plants. At Saturday’s festival, he will be surrounded by plenty of other folks who have subverted the dominant food paradigm.

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