Scarborough Winter Farmers Market

Today’s Press Herald reports on a new winter farmers market that has started up in Scarborough.

The owner of Highland Avenue Greenhouse and Farm Market has filled one of his greenhouses – usually empty this time of year – with trays of 30 varieties of winter greens, all bound for local restaurants. In another greenhouse he’s started a winter farmers market. It opened Nov. 4 with six vendors selling beef, goat cheese and milk, preserves and crafts.

5 comments on “Scarborough Winter Farmers Market

  1. There is a farmers market at the Italian Heritage Center? Did they mean Irish or is there another market/location?

  2. I checked in with chef Sansonetti and he tells me that his restaurant isn’t going to be located there. Haside from the papered windows are there any other signs of construction?

  3. I was told last week that the WFM was back at the Irish Heitage Center for another season as they had no luck securing another space with better parking even though that was the plan.

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