SoPo Bees, Meatless Monday, Grilling Veggies, and Berwick Bison

Today’s Press Herald reports on the bee ordinance in South Portland. Beekeeper Phil Gaven who was interviewed for the article plans on opening “a store in Portland called The Honey Exchange. He will offer local honey, wax products and honey-based food and drink.”

The paper also includes an article about Sebago Brewing’s new Meatless Monday menu,

“We’ve gotten a lot of requests for more healthy, more local and more vegetarian,” said Elise Loschiavo, Sebago’s marketing manager. “It’s not that hard to come up with a few more meatless options.”

advice on grilling vegetables,

Or brush some Brussels sprouts with olive oil and tamari, and toss them on the grill. “Brussels sprouts are excellent on the grill,” [Toni] Fiore said. “I’ve made them for people who don’t like Brussels sprouts, but they like them on the grill. It just adds a different dimension. It’s not so cabbage-y.”

and a report on a pair of friends who are raising Bison in Berwick, Maine.

3 comments on “SoPo Bees, Meatless Monday, Grilling Veggies, and Berwick Bison

  1. There was a for lease sign on the old Cactus Club when I walked by today so that must mean the SPT version 2.0 or whatever it was going to be might not be a go. I saw the Pavillion was under contract too. You can look into the new Miyake now next to Paciarino and it’s coming along very nicely and looks very urban, like Walter’s and Gingko Blue

  2. I also noticed that the property on the corner of Fore and Union (the old location of Diggers) indicates that the store has been leased. Has anyone heard what’s going in there?

  3. Well that figures, I drove by tonight and the for lease sign was down at the Cactus Club. The sign for East End Cupcakes is hanging up, must be soon. lol, what an unhealthy stretch of food on the street from the candy, ice cream, cupcakes, pizzas and burgers.

    Yeah, the old Diggers has a leased sign up but there is that turmoil with those buildings being sold down there that was covered in this weeks Forecaster…

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