Saveur: Maine’s Stay on the Landers

Saveur has published a feature about the 2nd generation farmers of the Back to the Land movement in Maine.

As the rest of us get a taste for the benefits of eating local and organic, and small-scale farms start to become more viable, some of the sons and daughters of Maine’s Back to the Landers are staying put—literally on the land where they grew up—and dedicating themselves to small-scale farming with renewed vigor, despite the hardships they witnessed growing up, as many of their parents had to give up farming to make ends meet. “Stay on the Landers,” they sometimes call themselves—these kids, like Ben, who are following through on their parents’ dormant dreams, doing tough, rich work that doesn’t make a lot of money.

4 comments on “Saveur: Maine’s Stay on the Landers

  1. Retail/restaurant space on corner of new Hyatt is under contract. Any ideas or word?

    Also why on earth has nobody opened up a laundrymat/bar in west end or munjoy? Arcadia got me thinking of that. It would kill

  2. Nick, I agree. 211 Danforth could merge with Washboard Eco-Laundry, or Aurora could provide catering to Soap Bubble.

  3. It’s a no brainer because laundry is an activity where you are expected to be alone so it would be great for singles. Have some wine/beer and light food, Tvs , free wifi for customers, pinball, etc. I got 50 bucks to start this

  4. I remember when A Bar of Soap opened, a combo laundromat/bar in a basement on Milk St. between Exchange and Market, near the current barber shop (I don’t think you can access the basement directly from the street anymore). I went there quite a few times even though I lived in Windham; the bartender was cute!

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