Reviews: Isa, Liquid Riot, DiPietro’s

The Bollard has reviewed Isa,

My croque madame ($11), an open-faced sandwich of prosciutto, Swiss cheese and a sunny-side-up egg, was positively otherworldly, with a balance of flavor and texture that was damn near perfect. Even the lightly dressed salad greens on the side were outstanding.

the Press Herald has reviewed DiPietro’s,

The chicken Parmesan sandwich at DiPietro’s is one of my favorites, and I’ve tried many. The chicken is tender with a crisp breading. It comes with a lot of sauce and cheese, melted well, but it’s wrapped in foil so you don’t have to mess up your hands too much.

and Peter Peter Portland Eater has reviewed Liquid Riot.

Liquid Riot was really good. The only concern I had was that the burger was 16 bucks and I think for that price, it has to be a little more spectacular. It was a solid offering, but even with the fries and awesome mustard, I didn’t quite have the feeling I got what I paid for. Either way, I’ll be back to try some of their other food. It was excellent overall and I found it a fun place to hang for a while.

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  1. I assume Jb is being facetious, but if not I can assure him/her that the PPH review was not the undoing of the Portland Meatball Company. The food was the undoing of the Portland Meatball Company. And the decorations. But primarily the food.

    We went the first week they were open and ordered a few different things: some meatballs, pasta, a slice of pizza. Everything was bad, including the seemingly disparate decorations and lazerbeams shooting around the room. And yet the manager/owner was energetically running around the room asking folks how their meal was. It was a bit surreal. We faked a smile and said it was good. Based on reports from others and the PPH review, it sounds like things did not improve much from that first week.

  2. I think he may be serious.

    My view is that restaurants determine their own destiny based on the decisions they make and the skill with which they execute their vision. Restaurant reviews, especially ones that go out to a wide audience, just help them reach the level of success they were already headed towards faster.

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