Reviews for Rosie's and Pearl

The Press Herald has published reviews of Rosie’s

Rosie’s is billed as the oldest pub in Portland. But don’t think it doesn’t have the freshest food.

We go often for the atmosphere and a favorite meal. It’s like a college bar for adults; just a friendly community with good service and exceptional food.

and Pearl

The sultans of swank who operate the place have the old-school chic down; the Pearl oozes finesse and skill with its smooth operating, especially for being the new kid on the block. But the ever-thirsty Portland club crowd can get its dance on in a hurry when the staff moves the luscious leather couches out of the way. So whether you want to unleash your inner Shakira after hours or enjoy a quiet cocktail in upscale environs, the Pearl brings you the kind of chic you crave.

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